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About Bluestar DEN Network

Bluestar DEN Network is among a leading telecommunications and media company with a portfolio of business that includes a full suite of advanced digital television, valuable local media and programming properties. Bluestar DEN Network is surrounded by one of the best Cable distribution company with a strong emphasis on quality of service and content. This has enabled us to cater to numerous subscribers who are spread across different locations in different cities of Gujarat in a very short span of time.

Founded on 1st January 1991by Mr. Nilesh Sangani as a cable television operator with short Island customers, later on with the trust of our customer and members we step into the private Ltd. As on after 28th march 2008 we known as Bluestar DEN Network Pvt. Ltd.

Presently Bluestar DEN Network Pvt. Ltd. is offering it services as:

  • Cable Services
  • Digital Cable Network
  • Local Advertisement
  • System Integration
  • Software Solutions
  • Live Broadcasting

With over many channels of clear, reliable entertainment, Bluestar DEN is the simple and convenient way to entertain your entire household. Whatever you're looking for — movies, news, music ,videos, etc. find more of it with us.

You will find implausible choice, with all the elements of movie, music, videos, adventure as well as more spirited subjects. And when you want to know what is happening closer to you, or you want to know the weather outside, Bluestar DEN Network is your link to your community.

You can enjoy your choice of spectacular entertainment, breaking news stories and in-depth reports, interesting programs and your favorite local shows.

We have covered 95% of surrounding of all the major city like Amerli, junagadh, Jamnagar,Rajkot.

Local Channels
  • Bluestar DEN HD
  • Bluestar DEN ENGLISH
  • Bluestar DEN GUJARATI
  • Bluestar DEN MOVIE
  • Bluestar DEN GOLD
  • Bluestar DEN CLASSIC
  • Bluestar DEN LIVE
  • Bluestar DEN GURUBANI
  • Bluestar DEN CHITAHAAR
  • Bluestar DEN KIDs
  • Bluestar DEN FILLER
  • Bluestar DEN LOKGEET
  • Bluestar DEN IBADAT
  • ITV
Upcoming Channels
  • Bluestar DEN EDUCATION
  • Bluestar DEN COMEDY
  • Bluestar DEN ON DEMAND
  • Bluestar DEN NEWS 24X7
  • BlueStar DEN INFO
  • Bluestar DEN TELESHOP
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